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Not only words

Why vision often is represented in only words? While change needs motion words alone don’t move people. Use your imagination (film item, painting, collage) to move your team and others. The advantages of imagination are manifold. It combines ratio and intuition. It affects a deeper layer and expresses feelings which stimulate colleagues to change. Art will surprise, amaze and incite change.  


Power of imagination

Art interventions are group interventions. As a group you are invited to make a 3-minute film item, a painting or a collage to express your ambition and to represent the difference with the current way of working. The group effort helps you to simultaneously build your team and express your vision. With the output you are able to express your collective ambition with your drive and emotion.



An art intervention takes about 6 hours. In the preparation the event is customized. The options are: make a 3 minutes film item, a painting or a collage. You are supported by professional filmmakers and artists. An art intervention might also be combined with a visit to a museum. Art works are a mirror to investigate your own and your company’s identity and core qualities. With the result of an art intervention you are able to communicate your collective drive and ambitions.


  • Make your own 3 minutes video
  • Group painting
  • Museum as a mirror


  • ‘Dare to dream’. A leadership conference with 50 managers of a governmental organisation (3 short videos and 3 paintings)
  • ‘Discover and express the company’s identity’. Museum as a mirror and a collective painting to express the company’s identity. With 16 managers of a logistics company.
  • ‘Express the HR vision’.  A session with the 25 HR managers of a city council (2 paintings and 3 short films).
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