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Too busy?

Traditional training programs are time consuming and usually don’t fully address the individual issues you’re dealing with at the moment. In addition the transfer to daily practice is not always successful.

Small group learning might be the solution if you want to learn in direct connection with your daily work. Bring in your current professional issues and dilemmas and find solutions on the spot. How? By reflecting on your identity and habits with other practitioners. Apply the latest theoretical insights and best practices.

As a professional or a leader you are responsible for getting results in a world which seems to become less manageable. All the time you are busy with getting things done. If you are busy small group learning might be the right solution. It is not very time consuming, yet very effective.


Reflect to act

In a small group you frequently reflect on your ambition and actions. The views and experiences of the other group members give you insight in your own strengths and barriers. If needed recent theories and best practices help you to define your direction and next actions. Because it is a small group every group member gets special attention in an intimate atmosphere. In this way you benefit in the short term and you learn for the long term.

In a small group learning program personal leadership is the foundation. Professional impact is not only determined by your professional skills. In my view personal leadership is the foundation of serious impact. Then you are able to successfully cooperate with stakeholders and influence behaviour of others.


Current challenges

A small group consists of 3 till 5 professionals or leaders. Depending on the specific goals of the members a typical small group course consists of 8 sessions of half a day. Intervision, learning from experiences, short lectures with condensed state of art organisation and change theory and exercises are the main ingredients of the course. Individual coaching is optional.

Small group learning is very flexible. It tries to address your current needs and challenges. But always with a long term perspective. All in all, small group learning might be very effective in a busy working life and give you instant support


  • Leader in change
  • Professional with impact

I offer this service from WoW-consult



  • Small group learning course for a HR Director of a logistics company, a HR Director of an accountancy and a change manager of a governmental organisation
  • Small group learning course for a manager of an NGO and two operations managers of a governmental organisation
  • Small group learning course for technical professionals of an international operating dredging company
  • Individual course and coaching of a HR Director of a governmental organisation


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