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Move people

A big challenge for organisations is to be ready for changes to come. But markets are unpredictable to some extend. Projects are complex and regulations strict. And different stakeholders more demanding. How to become fit for future? And how to stay fit for purpose?


Tempt to change

Show energizing best practices in your organisation. Visualize experiences and pitfalls in your current way of working. Discover will and ambition. Imagine the future. Share these images in the community. Arouse reflection. Tempt to change.


Create impact

One of my great recurring adventures is the creation of a video together with my clients. The steps? Define the impact, write a script together, record and discover the dreams and the reality in your organisation, distill the themes, edit, try out and adjust. A video is an intervention. The creation of a video is the creation of impact.


  • Share your vision
  • Current way of working
  • Show best practices


More than 50 productions. A selection:

  • ‘Wagenborg’s Good Seamanship’. About the desired way of working of the company.
  • ‘Leadership at Van Oord’. About the leadership vision of a dredging company.
  • ‘Developing the neighbourhood’. About enhancement of quality of life in the districts of a housing cooperative.
  • ‘Dare to dream’. The vision of the leader of a governmental organisation.


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