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A big challenge for organisations is to be ready for changes to come. But markets are unpredictable to some extend. Projects are complex and regulations strict. And different stakeholders more demanding. How to become fit for future? And how to stay fit for purpose?


Adjusting habits

Identity, core values and qualities are the foundation of a resilient organisation. I help organisations to discover their typical strengths. While facing the reality and challenges of the market I then help to discover the typical way of working. Including the effective and disfunctional habits. Adjusting the way of working is decisive to stay fit for purpose.


Make it work

But how to change? I first develop the will, mindset and skills of the leaders. Why? To challenge the leaders to live the new habits. And to let them organise and support continuous improvement.

On the job learning is most effective in implementing new habits. I facilitate concrete initiatives and projects in doing things just a bit different. Result: a resilient organisation.


  • Vision development
  • Make strategy work
  • New way of working

I offer this service from WoW-consult


  • The implementation of a new way of working for an internationally operating dredging company
  • The integration of the managerial and the operational unit of a telecommunications company
  • The development of the governance structure of a university
  • The support of two social services towards integration


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