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Make strategy work

Realizing your strategy is a joint effort. Cooperation between disciplines is crucial. Innovation needs different points of view. Complex projects need the right combination of professions. And learning is most effective in groups. This is the compelling business case for teamwork.


Team strength

Not only the markets are changing. Also the teams which operate in the market. The first need of a new team is becoming effective. Rapid and lasting please! The second need is maintenance. Why? Reality. During the operations teams often don’t take the time to thoroughly improve their team effectiveness.


Create, act!

My clients say to me that I create an environment for a profound dialogue and for building mutual trust. I stimulate the exchange of thoughts, views and feelings. To help teams discover their strengths, remove barriers, find direction and act accordingly. Result? An energized and equipped team.


  • Team coaching
  • Project start ups
  • Teambuilding

I offer this service from WoW-consult



  • The development of the future vision and strategic actions of a company in the offshore
  • Building a new management team after a merger of two housing cooperatives
  • The development of the HRM team of a logistics company
  • Support of a project team aimed at finding and implementing new technical solutions of a ship


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